Putting talents and skills to work

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Working for Groupe and Banque PSA Finance means working in a dynamic group and helping to write a new chapter of automotive history. It also means being part of a human adventure, where the development of each individual’s talents and skills is vital to meeting the company’s commitments.

Paris, Sao Paulo, Beijing and Madrid : 3400 employees including 2/3 outside France, spread in 17 countries, representing the forces of Banque PSA Finance. Their goal: to support the sales of Groupe's brands and actively to contribute to the Groupe value chain. Daily, they are involving theirs skills and their expertise of this collective ambition through 7 professions :

  • Marketing financing and service products
  • Marketing and sales offer
  • Control of Special risks and business
  • Customer Relationship, After-sale Financial and Service contracts
  • Debt Recovery
  • Control
  • Insurance

Beyond technical competence, the success of Banque PSA Finance, a bank at the heart of a great automobile group, rests on values shared by everyone and behaviours which make it a company like no other; passionate about results, solidarity, commitment, courage and ethics.

Putting talents and skills to work

Groupe’s ability to successfully transform the company depends on its capacity to attract talented people and to develop and capitalise on the talents and skills of all its employees. Groupe employees enjoy excellent opportunities to develop their skills and to put them to work building the Group. Responsible jobs and skills management enables them to participate in this process throughout their career with the Group.