Long term rental

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Need to change your commercial vehicle ? Want to streamline your fleet management ? 


A craftman, SME or big companies, using a vehicle or a fleet, the Long Term Rental allows you to control your budget, to optimize your park management during your contract period easily.

How does it works ?
With Long Term Hire commercialized by the
Free2Move Leasebrand, we offer you the opportunity to:

  • choose the duration of your financing and make regular monthly reinstallments.
  • adjust the mileage of your vehicle at any time during your contract,
  • avoid the trouble of having to re-sell the vehicle.

The advantages of Classic credit

  • with or without deposit,
  • rents are charged in deductible expenses,
  • solutions are adapted to your mileage,
  • return your vehicle to the dealer and have the possibility to go again with another new vehicle.

And in addition…
Access to a range of associated services integrated with your monthly payments. For example, the "servicing and maintenance" option allows you to enjoy trouble free motoring with 24/7 assistance.