Long term rental

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Looking to change your vehicle ? A finance solution tailored to your motoring needs.


To rent a new vehicle with conditions adapted to your use.

How does it work ?
Long-term leasing is a rental without a purchase option that allows you to rent a new vehicle. We offer you personalized solutions to enjoy your vehicle with high serenity :

  • The duration and the mileage are defined at the signature of the contract and remain adjustable at any moment according to the actual mileage of the vehicle,
  • A wide range of associated services is available. You freely choose those adapted to your specific needs.

Advantages of Long Term Rentals :

  • No down payment required. At the signing of the contract, you freely choose to opt for a first majored rental or for constant monthly rentals from the beginning of the lease,
  • You change your vehicle regularly, without worrying about the conditions of its resale.

And also ...
Your monthly rental includes all the parameters you have chosen.