Lease credit

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With this financing solution, you can hire and keep the ability to become the vehicle’s owner at any time during the contract, from the first year of leasing until the end of the financing contract. For you, that means more freedom.


How does it work?
With the Lease credit package, we offer you the opportunity to :

  • choose the duration and amount of your rent installments,
  • pay a constant monthly payment that includes both the rent of your vehicle and associated services.

What are the advantages of Lease Credit?

  • Lease payments are expense deductible
  • VAT can be reclaimed for leasing utility vehicles,
  • Access to the entire range of Groupe PSA brands private or utility vehicles

And in addition…

Access to a panel of associated services integrated with your monthly rent. For example, the "Security Replacement" pack to benefit from an optimal guarantee in case of damage.