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Would you like your business to acquire one or more freehold vehicles , while spreading the acquisition costs over time? Banque PSA Finance offers you to integrate your business vehicle into the assets of your company with the Classic Credit. At the same time simple and powerful, this formula allows you to personalize your financing and to add a wide choice of services and insurance in the same monthly payment.


How does it work ?
With Classic credit, we offer you the opportunity to :

  • increase your company assets by incorporating the value of financed vehicles, while spreading their acquisition costs over time.
  • choose the duration and amount of your monthly payments.

The advantages of Classic credit

  • Value of vehicles included in your business assets,
  • Acquisition costs spread over several years,
  • Optimisation of your asset depreciation policy,
  • Financing costs set against expenses
  • Access to the entire range of Groupe PSA brands private and utility vehicles

And in addition…
Access to a range of services integrated with your monthly payment. For example, the solution "warranty extension" to extend the contractual warranty of your vehicle up to 7 years.