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How about focusing on your core business? How about always driving a new vehicle and change your car ? Banque PSA Finance all packaged solutions allow you to change your vehicle at the end of your finance contract and still keep your savings. Stay free with Banque PSA Finance and benefit from the best rate.

How does it work?
With our all packaged solutions, you can choose a financial solution whose final monthly payment is equivalent to the value of your vehicle at the end of the finance period.

The advantages of our all included solutions:

  • Monthly payments controlled 
  • Financing up to 100% of your vehicle
  • At the sale point, a vehicle selection and a financing solution in one step
  • No issue on vehicle resale: you return your car to your store and leave with a vehicle of your choice without budget breaking.

And also...
The financing offer "balloon credit" allows you to reduce monthly installment amount and , at the end of your contract , to own your vehicle by meeting your final deadline equivalent to the residual value. You have to return to your sale point and choose a new vehicle with a new Banque PSA Finance financing solution .